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Available types [kW]


The use of wood is becoming increasingly important. The prospect of exhaustion of fossil fuels and striving for a rational development of the environment and economy lead to the search for ways to make the widest use of renewable resources in the power industry. The information on the technical potential of renewable energy sources and the forecasts of their potential use indicate that the highest hopes for energy use are related to biomass, particularly to forest biomass.

Gasification boiler is the most efficient boiler for wood. Wood gasification takes place inside the upper chamber of the boiler, then the wood gas passes through the layer of heat and as a result goes to the burner nozzle where it is mixed with air. The mixture is already lit in the nozzle and is added in the ceramic chamber located in the bottom of the boiler (ash). Wood gasification takes place in one space, and the entire gasification process takes place in five zones depending on the temperature.

Cranp-Kovo presents a new version of the well-known ORLAN 130 SUPER
Manufactured according to standards:
- ISO 9001
- EN 303-5: 2013
- ISO 14001

By using innovative construction solutions, the ORLAN 130 SUPER boiler is designed to burn alternative fuels * to which the ORLAN SUPER 130 boiler is certified for Class 5 emissions according to EN 303-5: 2013 on C2 class fuel and B class EN ISO 17225- 3. The modified boiler design allows for gasification of base fuel A according to EN 303-5: 2013 (wood), alternative fuels C2 to EN 303-5: 2013 (briquette), B according to EN ISO 17225-3 (briquette).

The ORLAN 130 SUPER boiler manufacturer allows the combustion by gasification of other types of untreated wood. It is acceptable to use wood of origin: 1) wood from forests, plantations and other raw timber;
2) by-products and residues from the wood industry;
3) unprocessed wood
It is also possible to burn fuels as defined in EN ISO 17225-1: 2014 as 1.2 By-products and residues from the wood industry ( classes according to Table 1) and 1.3 Usable wood ( grades according to Tab.1).

Cranp-Kovo declares to meet the energy and emission conditions at the level of class 5 in accordance with EN 303-5: 2012 with the co-burning of base fuel (A in accordance with EN 303-5: 2012) and alternative fuels based on commercial wood ( - wood from construction in accordance with EN ISO 17225-1) in the ORLAN 130 SUPER boiler.

The boiler is equipped with an independent signaling system for opening the chimney flap. The opening of the flap is signaled by pulsing diode and beep sound. The system also automatically activates the exhaust fan (if connected) when opening the chimney flap. After loading the fuel in the upper chamber, the upper door and the flap must be closed, then exhaust fan and buzzer is switched off. It is advisable to leave the chimney flap open as short as possible in order to protect the exhaust fan against hot flue gases.


Boiler features
ORLAN 130 SUPER as the most advanced boiler in our range is equipped with:

  • Smooth adjustment of primary air settings for combustion of alternative fuels
  • Automatic fan start-up system,
  • Independent signaling system for the chimney flap (light and sound signaling) (place the controller panel with controller exposition, STB fuse, control and buzzer)
  • Spiral-tube economizers boosting boiler efficiency
  • Double shielded bottom door for heat loss
  • Ceramic bottom lining
  • Low thermal insulation μ to reduce heat loss to the environment


ORLAN 130-budowa

Boiler section
1. Hot water outlet
2. Boiler controller
3. Loading door
4. Fan
5. Fan casings
6. Combustion door
7. Firebricks
8. Combustion chamber
9. Tube heat exchanger
10. Nozzle
11. Cooling coil

Technical data
Rated power [kW] 130
Efficiency: wood/briquette [%] 92,8/92,6
Boiler class (EN 303-5) 5
Fuel wood -A / briquette C2/B
Water capacity [dm³] 380
Water capacity [l] 380
Water capacity in the boiler [dm³] 605
Water capacity in the boiler [l] 605
Loading slot size width/length [mm] 285/580
Burning period [h] 7-12
Length: wood logs/ briquette [cm] 100/ 20-45
Humidity recommended [%] 15-20
Average fuel consumption:
- wood/briquette [kg/h] 33/26
Maximum operating pressure [bar] 3
Miniumum temperature of the return water [°C] 60
Temperature settings range [°C] 60-90
Protection level IP40
Voltage/Frequency [V/Hz] 230/50
Fumes features at nominal power:
- fumes temperature: wood/briquette [°C] 110-120 / 120
- fumes fow [kg/s] 0,065 / 0,07
Required chimney draught [Pa] 15-20
Cooling water pressure required
at the infux to a heat exchanger [bar]
Cold water temperature in the heat exchanger [°C] 10
Recommended capacity of accumulation tank [l] 5000-6000



The EKOSTER 2 microprocessor temperature controller is designed to control the heating process and the activation of the circulation pump in the central heating installation.


EKOSTER controller used in the ORLAN SUPER boiler

Controller features

The regulator fulfils the following tasks:

  • Maintains the preset boiler temperature through the heating control
  • Automatic control turn-off after boiler extinction
  • Blocking fan operation when stoking the boiler
  • Central heating circulation pump control
  • “COMFORT SYSTEM” - a system that prevents pump blockages when the boiler is not in operation
  • Protection from boiler freezing and overheating
  • Signalling when the boiler temperature sensor is damaged
  • Compatible with EKOSTER control remote control system

EKOSTER control

The EKOSTER control enables the constant temperature reading of the central heating boiler, adjustment of boiler temperature settings as well as activation and de-activation of control by regular communication with EKOSTER regulator.

The innovative built-in alarm system informs the user with a piercing sound if the threshold of 97°C has been reached, if the boiler temperature has dropped below 0°C or if the sensor is damaged.


Technical data
Range of temperatures displayed -9°C - + 99°C
Range of temperature settings +60°C - + 90°C


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